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About Us

Technology is constantly moving and it can be hard - especially for us African users who are so often overlooked in global conversations - to find our way without a roadmap. The Digitally Native Podcast is a conversational platform that breaks down digital issues, news and concepts and repackages them to meet your needs.
The team also offers services in digital storytelling, communications planning and research and documentation. 


Meet The Team

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Fungai Machirori 

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Founder, CEO and Host of Podcast


Mandlenkosi Moyo

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Production and Social Media Associate

Our Services


Digital Storytelling

We help companies, organisations, collectives, and individuals seeking to utilise digital tools (podcasting, blogging, videography) for storytelling in planning and executing their storytelling processes. We do this through conducting training and other activities where we help you identify your target audience and appropriate communication channels. we also help you establish the tone and mode of delivery for your messaging. This can be for a specific campaign or long-term messaging.


Strategic Communications Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

We help you develop communications strategies as well as digital and social media strategies. We help you align your broader goals and objectives with specific communications goals and objectives. We also introduce you to the appropriate tools of monitoring and evaluation of your strategic communications plan.


Research and Documentation

We conduct research on behalf of clients on various digital themes with a focus on the social aspects of digital and social media. Products include white papers, research reports, and briefs.

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