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Did King Charles Really Sing A Nigerian Song At His Coronation? Well, No....

As the Coronation of King Charles progresses, 'Calm Down' a popular Afrobeats sound blares in the background. Prince William, Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton all get in on the action and sing along.

This isn't what really happened, but rather is a remix by a Nigerian TikToker of these official proceedings. African TikTokers have also been having a ball with AI and reimagining Western musicians like Drake and Rihanna singing popular African songs. And then there is Wendy Gumede (@TheBlackWendyChannel) and the fun ways she reimagines popular international moments.

In this episode, I explore how Africans are inserting themselves into global conversations and representing their own cultures and contexts while at it. Does this help in recentering conversations and place an Afrocentric viewpoint of global issues? Watch to find out more

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